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The Reverend Michael Lynch, Curate

Most of you will by now have had the chance to get to know Michael during his time as a (self-supporting) Curate with us at St Giles. He came on 8th October 2017 with a view to completing the period of his curacy with us on 31st January 2019. We have much enjoyed Michael’s presence, whether leading worship, or preaching, or just being around after services and we hope he has learned something from us, though he must be the judge of that. Lacking a conventional pastoral ministry, St Giles is probably not ideal for a curacy, not to mention having to get used to the Book of Common Prayer and our strange ways with language and liturgy. But Michael has borne it all with patience and good grace. Beyond St Giles he is hoping to be given permission to take services in, and support, other churches in the Diocese, perhaps when incumbents are absent through illness or holidays, an invaluable service as I know from my own ministry. His last Sunday with us as Curate will be Sunday, 27th January, The 3rd Sunday after Epiphany. I am sure all will want to thank him for his time among us and wish him every blessing on him for the years of his ministry to come.

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