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Interregnum Update

Planning for the recruitment of the next Rector is moving forward. The wardens met with the Archdeacon of London again in February and together we have confirmed a timeline for the appointment. Interviews will take place on 30 June, which means that, all being well, our next incumbent will be in post by the early Autumn. Yes this still seems quite a way off, but the wheels of church bureaucracy do not spin very fast and there are a number of process to complete before interviews take place. Principal among these tasks is finalising our Parish Profile, the “prospectus” that will be given to candidates and which sets out the PCC’s vision for the next period of ministry at St Giles. Upon this will be based the formal job advert and role description, so it is important to get it right. Copies will be available in due course for members of the congregation to peruse. The PCC will also be meeting over the next two months with the Archdeacon and Bishop Sarah, to talk to them about the appointment and to help shape their picture of our parish. There is also some paperwork to complete, most of which will be tackled at the next PCC meeting on 29 March. So plenty still to do, but we are unquestionably moving in the right direction. As this work proceeds, we are both enormously grateful for all the support, both practical and spiritual, that we are receiving from everyone in the congregation. It is so encouraging to see how well we can work together and support each other during this busy time. Thank you! - Wil James & Oliver Flory

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