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Faith to faith

At a recent chapter meeting (clergy in our local area) I heard again and met up with The Reverend Michael Redman. Michael is a self-supporting priest (like his name-sake, Michael, our curate) attached to St Paul’s, Rossmore Road, who also has a brief on inter-faith matters within the Two Cities. (Remember: ecumenical for different Christian denominations and traditions - Catholic, Pentecostal etc. - inter-faith for different religious traditions and practices - Buddhism, Islam etc.). Afterwards I invited him to come and preach for us one day, and he kindly agreed - 6.30pm on Sunday, 18th of the month. I don’t know why Michael himself has a particular interest in this - hopefully we shall find out - but he chosen the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego in the fiery furnace of Daniel 3 as a reading, so we should be in for something different. It’s impossible not to reflect on the presence of so many diverse religious practices in London today and to feel, if we are honest, a challenge to the established nature of our Christian calling. We can fight it, I suppose, or just pretend other faiths don’t exist or the world has not moved on, but they hardly seem healthy responses. I’m hoping Michael will provide a way through for us.

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