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Two new lighting schemes for the church

The PCC is making progress in implementing two exciting new schemes to improve the lighting of the church.

Much as I love the Dickensian gloom that can often wrap itself around St Giles and would hate to dispel it with the brash modern lighting of the 21st century, yet even I must concede that there are times when it is helpful to see what you are doing. To this end, therefore, though still mindful of the charm of the antique, two lighting projects are shaping up that may be of some interest to you.

The first, which will be installed during January, is to provide permanent lighting to the north and south choir areas in order to replace the studio lamps that have been threatening to fall down onto the singers’ heads for some years now and desperately need replacing. We will know if we have done our work well if no one notices them. A modest, practical improvement, I hope you will agree.

More dramatic still, and of a different order altogether, is a scheme to provide architectural lighting to the church tower. As we become increasingly engulfed by ever higher local buildings, so we need to enhance as best we can the presence of the church in the public realm. The project is already 18 months in preparation, but in the coming few months we hope to receive Faculty permission to undertake the work. There will be a period of official consultation, but if anyone does want to object, please speak to me first!

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