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Growing our Team

From September we look forward to welcoming Edward McMillan as our Ministry Intern. Edward has just completed his undergraduate degree at the University of St. Andrews and will be joining the St. Giles community for one academic year to explore the possibility of ordained ministry.

While he is with us he will be working with the Rector to grow the witness of our parish among students and young people with the hope of beginning a new weekday congregation. We are delighted to welcome Edward and know that he will receive a warm welcome from all of you.

We are also delighted to report that Wil James, our former Churchwarden, has been successful in passing selection to train towards Lay Ministry. Licensed Lay Ministers (LLMs), previously known as a Reader. carry a Bishop’s Licence and are recognised nationally throughout the Church of England as of equal status and training. LLMs can be involved in many different aspects of the life of the church, including education, preaching, small group work, leading worship and pastoral ministry. Wil shall be working alongside the Rector to continue to grow the congregation and deepen our understanding of the faith.

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