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We are Delighted Announce our New Assistant Curate

Dora brings to St Giles a rich example of a lived faith, a love for the west end, and a desire for everyone to encounter the love of God in Christ. We look forward to welcoming her at Petertide.

I was born in Brazzaville, Congo and I am of Ghanaian/Ivorian and Nigerian heritage. Thanks to my father’s work in the U.N., I have lived in six different countries, in the UK for twenty-four years, 16 of those have been in London. London is the place I call home.

My story, including my faith journey, is a very long and complex one – one I am looking forward sharing with you all. I grew up with Catholic parents, but was baptized and confirmed in the Church of England at the age of 14, while I was at an all-girls C of E school in Buckinghamshire. I drifted away from my Christian faith for all my teenage years.

Aged 21, I came back to faith in a Pentecostal church where I remained for seven years. After this time, I re-discovered Anglicanism in an open evangelical context in 2010. Since then, I have discovered and experienced New Monasticism and Celtic Christianity; Quakerism; Black Theology; discovered my vocation as an artist while working as an actor and performance artist; engaged in urban mission work and had the privilege of being part of a quasi-religious community called the Community of St. Anselm. In 2018, I began the discernment process for ordination with the community of faith I was with and started training in 2019.

I am an introvert who loves plants (particularly indoor ones) and the outdoors. I love going on long walks, analogue photography, dancing, writing letters, weaving with willow, going to the cinema- Marvel and Star Wars are firm favourites, but ultimately, I love stories. I also have a particular interest in how the arts and theology interact. I have no objection with being Dora the Explorer (what’s not to love?) … And Jesus is my favourite guy.

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