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An appeal: Stewardship Month

Updated: May 7, 2020

For a number of years it has been our custom, in this period after Easter, to turn our thoughts towards stewardship. It seems appropriate in the season when we recall Christ’s great commission to his disciples, that we should each consider our own role as stewards of his church.

Of course, this year is not like any other. We realise that many people will be feeling the financial effects of the current shutdown, as well as the numerous calls being made on our generosity by good causes both close to home and overseas. While we would not presume to compete with these more urgent needs, we would encourage you to take a little time to consider how you can support the continued life and ministry of St Giles-in-the-Fields at this difficult time. In particular, we would like to encourage more people to consider regular giving via direct debit.

For us as a church, the shutdown means a loss of income – both from Sunday collections and because the normal hiring activities that take place throughout the week are not happening. We are fortunate to have made sensible provision in better times so that we have reserves to rely on now. This means that this temporary loss of income does not pose an immediate threat to our financial stability. However the prospect of a prolonged period of “social distancing” is very likely to put strain on our resources, especially if churches are asked to remain closed for a significant time.

If you do not already make a regular gift to St Giles, you can help us at this time by setting up a direct debit via Parish Giving. This means that you can support the church, even when you’re not able to be there in person.

About Parish Giving

Parish Giving is a national church scheme which helps parish churches manage regular donations. It is run as a partnership between dioceses on a cost sharing basis. we can be assured of a regular, tax-efficient source of income which has the capacity to increase with the cost of living, yet involves virtually no administration. You will benefit from a system that is secure, confidential and easy to use, while supporting our church today and for the future.

How does Parish Giving work?

Donations can be made on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, by completing a gift form and the Direct Debit instruction. This can be done by telephone. To request a call back from Parish Giving follow this link Register to Donate. Alternatively, you can download a form Parish Giving Form, complete it and posting it to: Parish Giving Scheme, 76 Kingsholm Road, Gloucester GL1 3BD.

Even though donations are made to the Parish Giving Scheme, they are restricted to our parish, giving you peace of mind that your gift cannot be used elsewhere. Unlike a utility bill you are always in charge of what you give. Your gift will be passed back to our parish by the 10th of the month. Gift Aid will be received separately once the PGS has received it from HMRC. The unique feature of this scheme is the option for you to commit in principle to increase your gift annually in line with inflation. Whilst this is a voluntary decision, it is one that could potentially have a huge impact on the life and future of our church.

You can find answers to other frequently asked questions on the Parish Giving website

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone must, of course, give according to their ability, but in commending the Parish Giving scheme to you, we hope many of our number will consider making a regular commitment to help the long-term stewardship of our community.

With our best wishes,

Wil James & Oliver Flory


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