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A word of thanks

I can well imagine that neither Thomas nor Alan will relish the following note which I offer by way of thanks but they are going to have to suffer with it anyway. Both stepped down from their respective posts on the PCC at the Annual Meeting on 29th April and certainly deserve at least the following.

Thomas Hardin

The only consolation I can find for Thomas stepping down as a churchwarden of St Giles-in-the-Fields is to know that he will remain with us in the congregation and continue singing in the evening choir! I know that Bill (Jacob) would join with me in saying that Thomas has been a real godsend (intended literally) to St Giles, and that through his faithful and skilled endeavour over the past number of years he has played a significant role in caring for and improving the fabric of the church and extending the range of our ministry and worship within the parish. It has been a real joy to welcome the arrival of Summer and Brandon over the past number of months and we certainly wish Thomas and Sean every blessing on their family. We are also grateful to Thomas for his work as a trustee of the William Shelton Charity on behalf of the PCC.

Alan Power

Some of you may not be aware of the role that Alan has occupied at St Giles these past number of years, but as our treasurer he has steered us through a very difficult series of negotiations at our West Street properties and has brought order and clarity to our church funds, and all with such good grace and forbearance of those, like myself, who can scarcely add up. I do not exaggerate things when I say that we would not have got through the projects of the last number of years without his leadership and guidance and that we shall long remain indebted to him. A deserved period on the Sunday morning pews now awaits him.

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